Transforming the world of business through empathy.

We take a scientific approach to measuring empathy.

Our Vision

We transform business through the power of empathy. We measure and embed empathy in the world’s biggest companies at a company, team and individual level. We are a data driven company. Empathy is positively correlated with growth, productivity, and earnings.  The top 10 companies in our Empathy Index increased their market capitalization more than twice as much as the bottom 10 companies. More empathy means more profit but also happier, more loyal staff.

Our Story

When we started in 2010, Lady Geek focused on female customers and getting more women to work in tech, hence our name. But we soon realised that it wasn’t gender that had the biggest impact on performance, it was empathy. Empathy in process, culture, language, leadership and environment. We created the world’s first empathy index for one of Europe’s biggest banks and it has since been rolled out across the whole bank.

Our Approach

We focus on ’empathy-in-action’. It’s not a cup of tea and sympathy—it’s understanding your impact and taking the appropriate action. We identify a company’s strengths and deficits and develop ’empathy nudges’—small changes which have a sustainable impact. Empathy Nudges are low cost and high impact. We are transforming business… one nudge at a time.   

Our Definition of Empathy

We define corporate empathy, not compassion or sympathy, as the emotional impact a company has on its people—staff and customers—and society—the next generation.

  • The Empathy Business were brilliant throughout – constructively challenging our culture, providing inspiration and innovation, and delivering tangible change. A refreshing and thought-provoking business.

    Tom Staples, Head of the Empathy Support Hub, Barclays Bank
  • Every organisation and leader would benefit from the challenging business insight The Empathy Business delivered to Barclays. It made me realise how de-sensitised I’d become to the ‘norms of communication.’ It also took behavioural economics to a new level.

    Sue Hayes, Managing Director, Barclays
  • “Belinda gave an inspiring presentation on girls and STEM at our event at the United Nations. Whatever part of the world they came from, everyone found it very original and extremely useful.”

    Helene Reardon Bond OBE, Government Equalities Office
  • “The Empathy Business improved the levels of empathy in our dealerships and demonstrated a positive impact on commercial performance. Staff engagement increased and people took more pride in their work.”

    Richard Balshaw, former CEO of Lexus UK
  • ‘The Empathy Business’s training has transformed how Telefonica harness the power of corporate empathy. Our aim is to make every interaction our customers have with us an individual one.”

     Rene Schuster, former CEO, Telefonica Germany
  • “Working with The Empathy Business has given us a fresh perspective on the critical importance of empathy for both our colleagues and customers. We now have a clear view our areas of relative strength and weakness and actionable insight that will help make us an even more empathic organisation.”

    Ian Cornelius, Commercial Director, Skipton Building Society
  • “As a people orientated organisation, I am proud of our achievements and our ambition to continue to grow the way in which we build relationships with colleagues and customers.  Working with The Empathy Business and viewing our business through a new lens provides us with the insight and opportunity to really become a pioneer in the area of empathy. “

    David Cutter, CEO, Skipton Building Society
  • “Working with The Empathy Business has given us a fresh perspective on the critical importance of empathy for both our colleagues and customers. We now have a clear view our areas of relative strength and weakness and actionable insight that will help make us an even more empathic organisation.”

    Ian Cornelius, Commercial Director, Skipton Building Society
  • “The Empathy Programme is much more than a makeover. It has given pride and empowerment to my staff, as well as having a positive impact on our customers.”

    Richard Rhodes, Head of Business, Lexus Leicester showroom

Our Model

An analytic approach to empathy

Our diagnostics tools are all based on our ‘EMBRACE’ model. We have studied thousands of the world’s most empathic companies and the most empathic share seven drivers. Underneath each of these drivers, we use our survey tools and workplace analytics to measure empathy levels and give a scientific approach to empathy at work.

Our Process

We’ve refined our process over the last six years to deliver the most impact to our clients in the shortest time. The output will be an increase in performance and loyalty both amongst staff and customers. The output of our 12 or 20 week programme will be a diagnostic of your empathy strengths and deficit, identification of where the empathy deficit is and a series of sustainable ‘nudges’ to bring more empathy into your business. We ‘institutionalise’ empathy so you can sustain empathy post the programme. We helped set up the first ever Empathy Unit in a Fortune 500 company.

Our process looks at your company’s empathy levels across both your customers and employees.

Planning Phase—3 weeks

We collect metrics which determine your organisation’s empathy deficit using our diagnostic tools.

 We run facilitated interviews to identify the behaviours that are being modelled across your organisation.

We correlate performance and attrition data and give teams and individuals an empathy quotient.

We experience empathy levels through observation in your offices and style of meetings which strongly correlate to empathy levels.

Empathy nudges—2 weeks.

We identify low-cost, high-impact ‘nudges’. 

We distill the knowledge of the programme into an empathy roadmap.

Embedding Empathy—Phase Two: ongoing

Institutionalising nudges. We embed empathy and ensure the business can sustain it so it becomes ‘core’ business. This could be training a series of Empathy Activists, setting up an empathy unit and embedding empathy measurements to track progress.

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